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Quartz products are in high demand impart to their natural beauty as well as natural strength and durability.  Quartz may be used in both horizontal and vertical applications to include countertops, wall cladding, vanity tops, and retail counters.  Caesarstone™ quartz surfaces, and some others, come with a residential lifetime warranty and are available in 2 cm or 3 cm thickness.  Because quartz blend surfaces contain advanced polymers they are 3 to 7 times stronger than most natural stone countertops.  It resists chips, scratches, crack, heat, and stains, and unlike granite, quartz does not require polishing or sealing.  Quartz can be machined, sandblasted, and inlaid as suitable for each individual application.

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At Castlestone Granite & Quartz Inc., we've built our livelihoods on selecting the right countertop. whether it's natural stone or quartz. From the simple to the lavish, we've experienced it all and we can help you make informed choices. No job is too small or too big for our knowledgeable crews that will go the extra mile.

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Granite counter tops in Woodstock, ON.  Granite counter tops are an excellent choice if you’re thinking about replacing your kitchen countertops. Granite is also a great materials for bathroom vanities, floors, and any other heavily used surface. Quarried from the mountains of Italy, Brazil., India, and dozens of other countries around the world, granite is one of the most popular natural stones on the market for countertops. It’s available in a variety of colors with several options sure to match your home.

While some synthetic surfaces scratch easily and melt under hot cookware, granite resists heat. Granite is also one of the most bacteria-resistant kitchen surfaces. Granite is also nearly impossible to scratch, and with proper cleaning, will not stain under normal use. Sealants are available to further improve stain resistance.

At Castlestone Granite & Quartz Inc., we will make your dream a reality. With multiple financing options available, anyone can afford the luxury of granite in their home. No interest and equal payments for 6 months, to long term financing for up to 60 months. If you want granite, or quartz or anything else we will get it for you.  You will love the results

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